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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On skin, thin

Conception Bay South MHA Terry French joins the Thin-Skinned Club.

Apparently, the sound of provincial Liberals daring to call VOCM call-in shows en masse – a tactic which is apparently the registered intellectual property of the Tories – and, above all else the voice of Roger Grimes, Enemy of the People, was enough to prompt a rare appearance by the Hon. Gentleman.

And how does a body know that Terry French is tragically thin-skinned?

Why, because he confesses his medical condition to Randy Simms on the open air: “This got under my skin enough that I gotta call Randy!”

Apparently the worst ThoughtCrime of the nefarious Librils who called in earlier in the day was to question Danny Williams-Government’s record in rural regions. By way of contrast, he highlights the example of the former Liberal government announcing dialysis for St. Anthony back in 2000more than once.

“Go back, check the press release [sic],” he suggests, front-forming a neologistic plural, “press release”. (The singular, presumably, is the soon-to-be-backformed “ press relea”; cf. the etymology of “pea”.)

“Maybe as a government we’re not selling [our spending] enough, maybe we’re not promoting it enough,” he elaborates.

So yes, let’s go back and check a press relea or two.

Isn’t it awful when the government announces stuff – especially in rural areas – over and over and over again, for years before actually spending the money?

Is Mr. French’s skin as thin when it’s his own crew engaging in Tobin- and Grimes-era Liberal behavior?

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