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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ha! Funny!

For the information of the Newfoundlanders who are hell-bent on finding a "Newfie joke" in the Paradise mayoral election:

Noviescotie joke, Canadian Press, August 18, 1999: Premier John Hamm added another seat to his new Tory government Tuesday in a judicial recount like no other. A tie was broken in Shelburne riding when the returning officer pulled the name of Tory candidate Cecil O'Donnell from a box.

New Brunsie joke, New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal, December 16, 2006: Percy Ral Therrien will take his seat at the Rivire-Verte village council table. Municipal returning officer Doris Blanchard drew his name after a recount confirmed the tie between Therien and Marcel Martin at 162 votes apiece in the byelection on Dec. 4. Elections New Brunswick spokesman Paul Harpelle said the last time the returning officer had to draw a name to break a tie in a New Brunswick municipal election was in Bas- Caraquet in 2004, and before that in Hillsborough in 2001. Harpelle said that a recount confirmed Stephen A. Campbell's two-vote win over Jack A. Smith, 159 to 157, for a seat on Sussex town council.

Quebeckie joke, Montreal Gazette, November 15, 1995: Rene Lafrance shook hands with Alain Comeau yesterday as he won a coin toss that settled a tie vote for the council seat in Chateauguay's ward 2. On the night of the Nov. 5 municipal election, Lafrance was awarded 657 votes to Comeau's 656, but a judicial recount Saturday gave both candidates 654. Quebec election law says tie votes are decided by a draw. Lafrance called heads and won.

Ontari-ee joke, Guelph Mercury, December 5, 2006: Uncertainty surrounding Kathleen Farrelly's future on Guelph's new city council didn't stop her from joining the inaugural ceremony last night at the River Run Centre. After winning the election against incumbent Laura Baily, tying Baily on a recount and then losing to her in a draw, Farrelly was sworn in as a councillor for Ward 1 on the centre's theatre stage. City clerk Lois Giles said Farrelly is the elected councillor according to the Municipal Elections Act. "She will stay in office until such time as any appeals or recounts have been finalized," Giles said. "It if takes until January, she will stay in office."


At 7:48 AM, October 14, 2009 , Blogger Peter said...

One of these cases (can't remember which) surfaced in the media right after the first Paradise recount, but no one seemed to notice. Don't want the facts to get in the way of a good Newfie joke.


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