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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Three strikes and you're out

In a James McLeod report in today’s Telegram, another of MUN’s political scienticians, Matthew Kerby, without any obvious sense of irony, speculates as to the “three strikes” which may have led to the meteoric fall of Paul Oram:
The first strike against Oram was conflict-of-interest controversy about his former career owning personal-care homes, which emerged mere hours after he became health minister.

The second strike, Kerby said, was the revelation that upon taking over the government's biggest department, Oram had declined any briefing notes.

By the third, and final strike - the ongoing controversy about service cuts in Lewisporte and Flower's Cove - Kerby said Oram had become "damaged goods."
It must be a relief to the Eighth that these are the strikes against.

After all, there are, and never have been, any other real or perceived conflicts of interest lurking around the cabinet table; Paul Oral was the only cabinet minister who minimizes his ATIPpable paper trail; and he alone inflicted political own-goals on Danny Williams-Government to the point where he became damaged goods.

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