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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Notes from a scrum (VI)

Some more parting thoughts from Paul Oram, rebuffing a friendly reminder from the CBC’s David Cochrane:
ORAM: First when I became Minister, it was a business interest. It was plastering my wife’s name all over the television, and my father’s name all over the television. Is that appropriate? Well, I guess the media thinks it is. I think, y’know, I’m fair game. But I don’t think my family are. That plays a huge role in terms of where they’re coming from. And it’s been a rough time for them, y’know. There’s issue after issue after issue, and quite frankly I’m not gonna expose my family to that anymore...

COCHRANE: Minister, that story you’re talking about there, was because of conflict of interest laws that exist because of connections between politicians and their families.

ORAM: David! There were no conflicts of interest. Very clear. The Commissioner of Members’ Interests was very clear, every time that you ever asked the question, or anybody ever asked the question, was there any conflict of interest? None. Zero. Never.
You tell ‘em, Paul Oram!

You were totally cleared by the Commissioner of Members Interests, who, despite the unusual omission in his official bio, is the former president of the PC Party.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. None. Zero. Never.



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