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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Funny Bones

A real howler from the biggest DannyFan on the Telegram comment boards, "Bones":
Bones II from nl writes: Two things about this article smell funny, the first is Lorraine's tactics with regards to releasing the letter to the media. The letter was not written to the media, it was addressed to someone else. If these doctors wrote this with the intention of having it slyly released by way of politician, they should ask themselves two things: Why didn't we write this 30 years ago? and Why do we feel it so important to address the concerns of the future when the concerns of the here and now hit us everyday like a brick wall? It's ridiculous to worry about the future when the present is already most of the way down the shi**er already, isn't it?

Posted 06/10/2009 at 2:14 PM
Yes, Bones. It's terrible when a politician slyly releases to the media the content of a letter which wasn't addressed to the media in the first place.

It's always terrible, isn't it, "Bones"? No matter who does it, right?

Recently, Education Minister Joan Burke abruptly said in a CBC interview that some of the same academics who have been speaking out about academic freedom at Memorial University also write letters to the government to complain about the administration of the university and they "shouldn't be allowed to have it both ways."
It's a message Premier Danny Williams hammered home, talking about the head of MUN's faculty association, Ross Klein.

"Professor Klein actually wrote me last year a two-page letter concerned about the fact that he had not been given enough funding for a venture that he went on with the university," Williams said. "It was for my information, but by the same token why would he bother to write me, as premier, if he doesn't want us to be interfering with academic autonomy?"



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