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Thursday, October 15, 2009


“N.L. minister may halt health services review”

So reads the CBC headline today.

And sure, there are the cynics out there who suggest that Fireman Jerome, running around pouring his wet stuff on the red stuff, is just doing so because of the impending by-elections.

Advanced cynics think it may be due to internal polling – internal to Danny Williams-Government, internal to The Party – which shows trouble a-brewing.

The conspiracy theorists even speculate that it may have had something to do with Paul Oram’s spectacular self-immolation.

But if you want the real reason why Jerome is now pulling double-shifts trying to put out fires, look no further than another CBC report.

Lewisporte, Flower's Cove protest health cuts.

In particular, the last five words of the third paragraph:
In Lewisporte on Thursday, a boisterous crowd of over 300 held signs and chanted SOS — "Save Our Services" — and booed Premier Danny Williams.
It’s not hard to tell now which of the multiple Danny Williamses read that particular report.

Even without polls, even without one by-election already under way and another in the queue — hey, Wade Verge, do you really want to save services in Lewisporte? — Jerome Kennedy would still be running around desperately stomping out fires.

Is DW-G serious about getting spending under control?

If so, expect a lot more fires, and a lot more firemen.

If not, expect a lot more fire trucks, and whatever else it takes to keep the love flowing and the boos away.

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