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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Another gem, Live from Crazy, from ODP's Monday scrum/screed against Hydro-Quebec, responding to a reporter's question:
Q: What's the end-game here in terms of Quebec, what's the agenda driving this process, do you think, in terms of their pursuit of New Brunswick's power assets as they relate to Lower Churchill?

WILLIAMS: The agenda is to have a complete monopoly over power —
Woah, dood. The former cable television tycoonsorry, Judith MacDonald Guy Mulder, mogul — magnate — monopolist — now thinks monopolies are bad?

That alone is teh funneh. But no, the ex-cable monopolist won't let it end there:
— and I mean, y'know, as we move forward in this century in a clean, renewable electrical world and whether it happens to be wind energy, and we have, y'know, significant wind resources in Labrador, probably the best in North America, they're trying to be the gatekeeper.
Ah, yes.

Labrador wind.

The electrical generation technology that, just three years ago, he dismissed — probably with a pfffff — as not "proven". The March of Progress! What a time to be alive! Now, presumably, the technology is finally proven. He probably proved it Himself, such are His talents, such is His magnanimity.

That was either just before, or just after, he showed the door to one of the few private-sector firms that has ever expressed any interest in that significant wind resource, probably the best in North America, as they say.

And that was either just before, or just after, the Big Cheese at NALCO told a Labrador audience, "We" — he meant his crown corporation — "We own the wind."

Say whatever you want about Quebec's public hydro utility and government, but neither of them have the hubris to think they own an atmospheric phenomenon.

Follow-up question, Mr. Premier: is monopolism and gate-keeping bad, in general, in principle — or just when it's someone other than Danny Williams who is allegedly engaged in it?



At 6:41 PM, October 29, 2009 , Blogger Blech said...

Having just lost considerable face in the by election in the district where St. Anthony is, Autonomous Williams now has to brace himself for a by election in Terra Nova. And probably has to open that pesky House of Assembly in the middle of the rather inconvenient by election, to boot.
This is at a time when mouldy schools, h1n1 lineups and other disasters are all bubbling and threatening to boil over like too many untended pots on the stove. True to his form, what does Autonomous Williams do?
Why, he tilts at windmills, of course. There is always a Mainland Monster over there, across the Gulf (at least from the insular perspective of an Islander-let's face it, Danny is no Labradorian).
Having beaten the dead horse with Harper to death, it's time to turn to the old reliable Hydro Quebec. And, this time, we can add the New Brunswickers too!
So let's all get behind our Dan, the autonomous One, who tried to quietly negotiate about the Lower Churchill development with Hydro Quebec while publicly saying that he was seeking redress for the inequity of the Upper Churchill deal.
Yeah, Dan, let's go it alone!


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