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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another money quote

Via Sir Robert Bond Papers, the long-overdue AV file of Kathy Dunderdale's September 4th on-air appearance with VOCM's Randy Simms.

Among the other highlights, at 7:12 into the presentation: "We don't need Ottawa."

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At 7:19 AM, November 24, 2009 , Blogger Edward G. Hollett said...

This is a quote but the quote isn't really the complete story in this section.

What Dunderdale states is her certainty that the existing laws in the US will ensure continued open access on this side of the border.

Her comments are consistent with those of Ed Martin.

They are consistent with the Premier's comments from April.

They are inconsistent - however - with any suggestion that HQ is trying to block wheeling.

so what is the problem/

Well, there isn't one, as Dunderdale states at this bit of the clip. What seems to be "the problem" is that - in the classic Williams construction - HQ is not merely rolling over and doing exactly as he asks merely because he demands it.

If you go look at the documents in the regie you will see enough to confirm this as the case.

But, if you do actually go check into the background and understand what Williams said - versus what people think he said - you will see that the problem is not with wheeling and not really with HQ at all. They aren't being an obstacle.

After all, if NALCOR had the cash and if NALCOR could go-it-alone or put together another bunch of partners to fund the thing, we'd see the whole thing charging forward. Williams would be announcing construction or whatever he can do while it is still in environmental assessment. he'd be inking deals and getting on with it.

Instead we have all the hot air and bluster and wild accusations you get when Williams isn't able to do as he wishes at that moment.

Now the other interesting aspect to this is the effort in some corners to simply deny all these comments into nothingness.

Over in my bit of cuberspace there has been one claim that she didn't know what she was talking about and in another that nothing matters for people out there other than getting it done (among other claims).

I think Smallwood said the same thing about BRINCO in 1968/69 - he said only slightly facetiously - if anyone happened to learn enough of what was really on the go to express a concern about how public money and public business was being handled.

At 4:04 PM, November 24, 2009 , Blogger Blech said...

Autonomous Williams has spoken! We will go it alone, as soon as Ottawa and Quebec agree to help out.
We don't need Ottawa. We have wheeling rights. No, wait. Hydro Quebec are trying to stop Our Plan to Go It Alone. How? it's a secret.
But we will go it alone. We don't need no help from Ottawa. Well, except for financially. Oh, and maybe politically too. But we are going it alone.
Proud, strong, determined. Yep, that's us.


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