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Monday, November 02, 2009

Residency requirements

Tony “The Tory” Ducey, from Frenchman’s Cove – which is not in Labrador – has a letter in this week’s Labradorian. It’s not on-line, but it’s identical to his epistle which ran in the Quebec Daily Newspaper on Friday.

Invoking the Andrew Waugh Rule, Tony the Tory can expect to see a missive from Minister John Hickey in response, along the lines of last week’s effort in the Labradorian and the Aurora – in the latter, running under the deliciously ambiguous headline, “Hickey offended by opinion”.

The good Minister will no doubt sneeringly refer to Ducey’s “Frenchman’s Cove home”, sarcastically concede that “Mr. Ducey is entitled to his opinions on any and all Labrador matters, even as he writes from the comfort of his Frenchman’s Cove home”, and pose the burning rhetorical question, “would readers be better served if the Labradorian and the Aurora awarded coveted editorial space to a letter-writer who is a resident of Labrador?”



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