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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pease in a Pod (IX): not-who-you-think edition

Via Canwest news:
The Prince Edward Island government wants to pick the pockets of other provinces to secure the money needed to build a new provincial museum. The ruling provincial Liberal Party has long promised to build a centrally located museum in P.E.I., which remains the only province in Canada without one. But once again there was no money in the capital budget released last Friday for the project. Provincial Treasurer Wes Sheridan says that's because the province is lobbying the federal government and other provinces to pay for the museum.
Honestly! Who does Rob Ghiz think he is?

From the Bow-Wow Parliament, April 16, 2008:
MR. PARSONS: My next question is for the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Recreation.On November 22, 2007, the media broke a story about certain reports done by that department concerning the future use of the Colonial Building. The report itself, apparently, cost $200,000 and it has still not been released by government.

I ask the minister: When can we expect to see that report released?

MR. JACKMAN: Indeed, the report is in its final stage. Second to that, and very much a part of, is federal funding. We are awaiting confirmation from the federal government as to whether they are going to support that project, and I anticipate that will be announced rather shortly - I mean, the overall report.



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