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Sunday, January 03, 2010


The nefarious Ontario city newspaper's John Doyle — or is that Dile? — notes:
Hereabouts, Hawco is seen as a kind of Laurence Olivier of the St. John's arts scene, a Renaissance man who is co-artistic director of his own theatre troupe, The Company Theatre, as well as doing movie and TV work. He was, they say here, relentless on getting financial support from the Newfoundland government and getting Republic of Doyle made in St. John's.

The Newfoundland government [sic], in return, has been equally relentless, even before the first episode airs, in making sure that the Laurence Oliver of Newfoundland, and everyone else, don't forget about their equity investment.



At 1:34 PM, January 04, 2010 , Blogger Mark said...

Out of curiosity - what's the difference between an 'equity investment' and a 'grant'?


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