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Monday, February 01, 2010

Sycophant of the Month: January 2010

Total number of ProvGov press releases issued in January: 102 (-7 from December).

Total number with the phrase "Williams Government": 10 (-4 from December).

Sycophancy index: 9.8% (-3.0% from December).

It was a slow start to a slow month, with Tom Marshall finally opening up scoring a week into January. It was another week before Shawn Skinner answered him, followed later the same day by Susan Sullivan.

Patty Pottle picked one up to start the second half of the month, followed three days later by Sullivan again, opening up the first lead of the game. Darin King got on the board on the 25th, followed on the 28th by Sullivan again – the first of three knocked in that day, as she was followed in short order by Tom Marshall – who deservces a game star simply for working so many WilliamsGovernment's into one net – and then Tom Hedderson. Hedderson was last month’s winner, and may have been nursing an injury to have been so late getting back in the game.

Hedderson tipped in another the next day, a rare joint fed-prove WilliamsGovernment, but neither he nor Marshall could get a third to challenge Sullivan atop the podium. So the final score stands at Sullivan three, the two Toms two apiece, and King, Pottle, and Skinner each with singles.

Sullivan not only keeps Hedderson from repeating as monthly champ, but she is the first player to have won a second monthly plaque in the post-Taylor era, if non-sequentially.

Congratulations, Minister Sullivan!

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