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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Government Side (III)

From the VOCM QotD comments:

Mr Labrador Said: Way to go Danny!!!Next time around perhaps they will catch on & ride the BLUE wave,stop your whining & get over it

Maurice Said: That's what happens when you have a weak ineffective MHA in a weak ineffective party.

Somebody Said: You people are all saying it was a good decision, but a lot of people had to move from St. Anthony to Goose Bay. Nobody here in St. Anthony wants to move to that hole. I'm 11, and I lost 2 of my friends thanks to Marshal Dean and all of those who supported him.

Sad Sack Said: It is hard to disagree on this one. The people of St Anthony should realize that you do not kick Danny in the teeth and get away with it.

And from a comment on a Telegram story on the same subject:

realistic from NL writes: I have listened to all sides of this dispute, i too would loved to have kept the air ambulance in St Anthony.

But the people wanted change, they voted for change in October. For a district that availed of 130 million dollars over the last 5-6 years from this government, the only change they were going to get with their decision was certainly not anything positive.


It is unfortunate that someone has to lose in a situation like this. But we should have realized that we also have to look after ourselves too and voting an opposition member in at this time was certainly not in our best interest. Some may say the government can't be that petty but this has been the way politics has been for years.

I guess we have Marshall to really thank for the air ambulance decision...thanks buddy!!!
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