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Monday, April 26, 2010


In response to its editorial suggesting that the sooky Premier consider a new line of work, the sooky Premier's sooky Director of sooky Communications surfaces to cellphone range, ups sooky BlackBerry, and sookily types of the Western Star:

In a statement to CBC News on Friday, the premier's office said it was taking the editorial in stride.

"If you look at the editorial commentary of the Western Star over the past several years, you can see they have never been very supportive [of] our government or the premier," communications director Elizabeth Matthews said in the statement.

"So we are not surprised by the approach or tone of this editorial. They are, of course, entitled to their opinion."

Entitled to their opinion? Absolutely. Just like Wade Verge.

It's surprising she didn't type "Pfff."

Anyway, "never" is an awfully long time, reckoned on a go-backwards basis. And you'd only need one counter-example to prove the good thumb-typist wrong.

So here you go: from the Western Star editorial of August 23, 2007:
Premier Williams had solid support throughout the province when he told the oil companies where they could go ...but there were some - mainly Opposition politicians and the heads of companies making bundles of money from the oil industry in St. John's - who believed the premier had made an expensive blunder.

The events of this week prove the tactic was the correct one.

The deal will be done and the people of this province and their offspring will benefit.

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At 12:00 AM, April 27, 2010 , Blogger Mark said...

Yes. The Newfoundland media is all against Danny. Always have been. Poor Danny. Everyone always been against poor Danny.

Give me a freakin' break.

If he wanted a complete control on media coverage he should have kept his cable company.


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