"We can't allow things that are inaccurate to stand." — The Word of Our Dan, February 19, 2008.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

What they said (II)

Some more comments on Our Dear Expropriation, from another contemporary CBC report:
KnowingOne wrote:Posted 2008/12/17 at 8:43 AM ET
Abitibi will not win this one. You can rest assured that Premier Williams had all of his legal ducks in a row before taking this action.

The ROCK is about to rock - stay tuned - you haven't seen anything yet!!

Byrdbrain wrote:Posted 2008/12/17 at 9:47 AM ET
It is a good political move but is it legal??? I hope it will hold up in the courts. Look at Churchill Falls deal it went to the highest court in the land and we lost. I think we should celebrate but only when it is all finished. So many times we celebrated and all of a sudden the bad news comes out again.

48dumas wrote:Posted 2008/12/17 at 10:22 AM ET
For the cost of the legal battle, the mill could be at least partly modernized and hundreds of workers kept out of the cold instead of a few lawyers getting richer.

EasternEdge wrote:Posted 2008/12/17 at 8:53 PM ET
It may be that Newfoundland can just override whatever rights Abitibi has by using the ultimate power of the legislature - my guess is that would be a good argument n our courts, maybe not such a good argument before NAFTA and other tribunals. But even if we can do that, should we? i don't care about Abitibi but i do care about Newfoundland and about the rule of law and it seems to me that this sort of stuff will only damage both in the long run

POSC.student wrote:Posted 2008/12/17 at 10:46 AM ET
Does AbitibiBowater realize that their messing with probally the most successful lawyer Newfoundland and Labrador ever had and that he would know all the legal matters surrounding this.

Raynaldo wrote:Posted 2008/12/17 at 12:15 PM ET
You can't just expropriate the good stuff.
I'd agree if they expropriated everything.

The Green Hornet wrote:Posted 2008/12/17 at 2:11 PM ET
We had better all wait until the other shoe drops before giving this move a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

It may well have been legal though then again maybe not. I most certainly won't take King Danny's word for it.

The applause of the quasi-commies who live on this site is another reason to take a wait and see approach.

Much as I question anything Williams does, as his motives are quite clearly ones of a personal nature, I still allow a case by case style of critique.

We need to wait to see what the Czar of Newfoundland/Labrador does with this land before rendering judgement.

But; it is Williams. He may just turn it into his own personal 4x4 playground.

MsPepper wrote:Posted 2008/12/17 at 3:40 PM ET
Is there no end to this IDIOT WILLIAMS- Comparing him to Chavez is accurate, he thinks he has some god given right to control things. I hope he oversteps big time and it won;t be long before there is A BIG FALL for Danny Boy.



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