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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A new verb

January 20, 2004: “pay a dollar”
"I do think there is a moral obligation on the federal government to transfer this over ... my perspective is I think we should pay a dollar for it and that would be enough," Williams said. [Quoted in the Telegram]
May 27, 2004: “purchase

PREMIER WILLIAMS: Now, when it comes to the Hibernia interest, yes, we are trying to purchase it. I made a statement on that a long, long, time ago, as you know. I have mentioned it to the Prime Minister on several occasions. I have mentioned it to Mr. Harper, and I also discussed other things with Mr. Harper yesterday with regard to a guarantee on the Lower Churchill. Now, of course, that is something that the hon. gentleman opposite would not understand because he seems to think -

MR. SPEAKER: Order please! I ask the Premier to complete his answer.
July 1, 2004: “transfer

In a letter to federal New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton, Premier Danny Williams said the Government of Canada’s remaining 19 per cent share of Petro-Canada should be sold to invest in social programs for all Canadians; however, Canada’s 8.5 per cent ownership stake in the Hibernia project – an entirely different kind of public investment – should be transferred to Newfoundland and Labrador which currently has no ownership role at all in its principal offshore petroleum project.
November 28, 2005: “sell

Does your party support the transfer or sale of the Federal Government's share in Hibernia to the province of Newfoundland and Labrador provided the Federal Government is kept whole on their expected return at the time of their initial investment?
September 12, 2007: “repatriate

Williams said his next conquest will be the “repatriation” of the federal government’s 8.5 per cent equity stake in the Hibernia oil field.
January 20, 2009: “acquire”
I am requesting that our governments immediately commence a process that would see the government of Newfoundland and Labrador acquire the federal government's 8.5 per cent interest in the Hibernia project currently vested in the Canada Hibernia Holding Corporation [Kathy Blunderdale, as quoted in the Telegram of July 4, 2009]
July 11, 2009: “return”
"We feel it's time," Dunderdale told The Telegram this week. "Hibernia has been extremely generous to the federal government, and that's all fine, but now it should be returned to the province."
April 27, 2010: “attain

The Premier will have several items on his agenda as he represents the people of Newfoundland and Labrador including the fishery, the province's request to attain the Federal Government's Hibernia interest, the Lower Churchill development, and land claims in Labrador among others.



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