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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The other ABC campaign (II)

Minister Blunderdale also underscores the importance of reading stuff:
Mr. Speaker, we are used to one rule for them and another rule for us. They are making such a big deal of the Régie hearing and the fact that they do not have an English translation, Mr. Speaker. I will try to say to the hydro, good luck with it. Good luck with understanding the English translation is all I can say, Mr. Speaker, because Nalcor came here with the lawyer’s interpretation and remarks. They were given a full briefing last week on the ruling and our lawyer’s remarks with regard to the ruling.

There is no reflection of that, Mr. Speaker. They might as well gone out and gave that to the moon because it means nothing, it is not reflected. Mr. Speaker, there has been a lot to say the last few days about not having to read documents, and how scandalous it is that people on this side of the House, that we have to be spoon-fed, that we are not under any obligation to read documents and we should be chastised for that; we should be criticized for that.

Mr. Speaker, again don’t do as I do, just do as I say because I just remind everybody when Mr. Grimes was getting ready to give away the Lower Churchill one more time, there was an agreement negotiated. Mr. Speaker, the Premier said to the then Minister of Justice and Solicitor General who is now the Opposition House Leader: Have you read the agreement? Have you read this agreement that is so fundamental and so important to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador? No, no, when they get it all signed and everything I will read it then.

Mr. Speaker, it is important to be here in this House of Assembly, but I am telling you sometimes, Sir, the hypocrisy in here is hard to take. It truly, truly, is. Mr. Speaker, I am glad in some ways that they are stating clearly how they feel about what we did in Grand Falls-Windsor because some of them had to be dragged screaming and shouting to the table. Maybe we will get a chance to talk about that a little further one day. But, Mr. Speaker, we will stand and defend the rights of the people of this Province through thick and thin.
Oh my, oh my, the irony...


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