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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Adjacency (IV)

Principled Skinner tells the GF-W locals last week that "adjacency" is one of his principles:
We have always maintained that we would adhere to the principle of adjacency where there was a business case to be done. Am I going to say we are not going to use the resource for anything else? Absolutely not. But if there is a business out there, a corporation out there or a person out there with an idea that can use that mill, needs to use the fibre, needs to use the hydro asset, needs to use the human resource and skill development we have out here, we are willing to tie that together as a package if it benefits the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and the people of the region."
Scant weeks ago, Principled Skinner was telling everyone the exact opposite.

In entirely-related news, the A-Word — which is supposedly one of the government's cherished principles, according to Principled Skinner — is nowhere to be found in his cabinet colleague Kathy Blunderdale's stunning masterwork, The Lower Churchill Construction Projects Benefits Strategy.



At 1:12 PM, July 18, 2010 , Blogger don said...

The GFW Powerhouse operates on 50 cycles,the provincial grid operates on 60 cycles, so the power can't be used on the provincial grid.


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