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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dogs and cats

In response to the VOCM Question of the Day, "Do you agree with the prime minister's latest push for an elected senate?" commenter Leonard, rather than expressing puzzlement about when this "push" is rumoured to have happened, plants himself in the Triple-A Senate camp — Abolish, Abolish, Abolish:
I agree, get rid off those fat cats for doing nothing.Just spending tax payers dollars. They show up for a day out off 365 And get paid, what a joke.
Out of the past 24 years, including 2010 to date, the Senate has sat for more days in the year than the House of Assembly in all but six of them. The last year in which the Bow-Wow Parliament out-sat the Fat Cat Senate was 1995.

For your local MHA's sake, don't tell Leonard.



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