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Saturday, August 28, 2010

From a Bob Wakeham perspective

Bob Wakeham translates from the Dannese:
The premier’s denunciation of any proposal to introduce online games of chance to Newfoundland is interesting from, well, from a couple of “perspectives,” to utilize that word the premier manages to include in every second sentence, a subliminal way of downplaying his authoritarian personality. (“From my perspective, he’s a blah, blah, blah” — in other words, it’s just his opinion, nothing more, nothing less. Sure it is.)

And the thumbs-down to on-line gambling is a palpable example of what happens when one person is running the affairs of our “happy province” — the premier, who rules with an iron fist despite his denials, is offering anything but his “perspective” or opinion when he speaks publicly about any issue under the sun.

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