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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Stop me if you think you've heard this speech before (I)

Name-drop. The same names. Over and over again.

St. John's Bored of Trade, September 8, 2010:

From Rick and Seamus and Rex and Gordon – we have some of the most recognized and talented entertainers in the country. Our writers, our musicians, our artists – they embody who we are as a people and they promote this place like no business ever can.


And now we have a whole new generation of movers and shakers, and our very own national heart throb in Allan Hawco. Let me say publicly today congratulations to everyone at the Republic of Doyle for your outstanding Gemini nominations! Our capital city never looked so good!
Canadian Club of Ottawa, June 9, 2010:

We contribute culturally with our extraordinary talent, starting the day with Seamus O'Regan, ending it with Rex Murphy and being entertained in between by The Republic of Doyle, Rick Mercer and 22 Minutes.

Empire Club, Toronto, February 4, 2005:

Right across the country, we start our day with Seamus O’Regan on Canada AM, and end it in the evening with Rex Murphy on The National. We begin the week watching the intelligent humour and commentary of Rick Mercer on Monday Report and we finish the week enjoying the satirical wit of the talented cast of 22 Minutes.



At 9:23 AM, September 09, 2010 , Blogger Polly said...

We contribute culturally with our extraordinary talent, starting the day with Ed Hollett ,going on to WJM ,a dash of JG's Dot Dot Dot and finishing up with a dollop of Nottawa's Mark .....


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