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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Stop me if you think you've heard this speech before (II)

Quote yourself.

St. John's Bored of Trade, September 8, 2010:
As I stated to the Canadian Club in Ottawa in June the ruling of the Régie once again demonstrated that province's bias, arrogance and discriminatory business practices towards our province. Apparently, their stranglehold over us on the Upper Churchill was not enough for them.
Canadian Club of Ottawa, June 9, 2010:
I told Don, I enjoy the part of my job where I just get to run the province, developing policies and plans that move us forward as a people. I don't spend my time looking for a fight!
St. John's Bored of Trade, September 9, 2009:
As I said last week, one important component of the Lower Churchill development is obviously the ability to transmit the power. I will state again here today, that it is unfortunate that our neighbours at Hydro Quebec are not more cooperative in this regard. Power which was bought by Hydro Quebec for 0.25 cents per kw/h in 1976 is being sold for over 9.0 cents per kwh or 36 times more than what they pay for it.



At 7:20 PM, September 09, 2010 , Blogger Polly said...

If Williams was sitting on the other side of the table , he would be all puffed-up with his business prowess .This man lives in a black and white world , no shades of grey.


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