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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Promises to keep

His Dannyosity is displeased.

As usual.

The Telegram:

Premier Danny Williams says the executive director of the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association broke a promise to government.

During his leader’s annual report at the PC Party convention Saturday morning, he said Rob Ritter ensured government that raises given to attract and retain pathologists and some oncologists in May 2008 would not be used as a bargaining chip during general negotiations between the province’s doctors and the government.
That agreement reached in 2008 meant some specialists in this province went from the lowest paid in the country to among the highest, according to the health minister of the day, Ross Wiseman.

But Williams said Saturday that Ritter has not kept that promise and suggested that’s what has lead to prolonged negotiations with the association.

Premier Danny Williams is accusing the top official of the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association of going back on his word. It all stems from the situation a few years ago where government stepped in and gave oncologists and radiologists a big raise to head off what was percevied then as a dire situation. The Premier was under the impression that the monetary injection would not be used against government in future negotiations with physicians. However, the Premier says it is one of the things holding up a deal on a new contract for doctors.

He says NLMA executive director Rob Ritter has gone back on his word.
Unfortunately for Mr. Ritter, the NLMA's bargaining position is utterly untenable in the face of such stinging criticism from Danny Williams, Mr. Decency, who has never ever ever broken a promise or gone back on his word in his life.

Wilt, Ritter, wither! in the face of such upstanding and decent consistency.



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