"We can't allow things that are inaccurate to stand." — The Word of Our Dan, February 19, 2008.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Himself went before the microphones today and blurbled the following funny joke:
This inflammatory rhetoric does nothing to help that situation, and actually brings out the worst elements in society as a result of it... All we're saying today is that there's no need for this kind of rhetoric, coz that's gonna inflame the situation, it's gonna feed into the vitriolic atmosphere of politics that has now creeped into the province over the course of the last month. And that's only gonna get worse.
This is the same Himself who told an Ottawa audience in June:

And just what is Québec doing with all this revenue? They are giving tax breaks, reducing electricity rates, funding the best child care programs in the country and the lowest tuitions for post-secondary students for only Québec residents.

And Canadians are paying for Québec satellite offices – or mini embassies - in approximately 26 countries including the cities of Barcelona, Taipei, Munich, Mumbai, Vienna, Santiago and Damascus to name just a few.


Québec gets its own way because it has achieved the political trifecta. Their provincial special interests are protected by their influential Ministers in the Federal Government, the Provincial Government of Québec and the Bloc - a party that has a significant role in the balance of power which prioritizes issues only of concern to Québec.
And a local audience in September:

Quebec pours its money into huge tax subsidies for its companies, the best childcare programs in the country and massive electricity subsidies for its people valued at seven billion dollars.

Because of its electricity subsidies, it records less provincial revenue on its books, enabling it to qualify for additional federal aid.

Canadians are, in effect, paying Quebec to subsidize electricity exclusively for its own. And they have the skin on them to impede our progress after gouging us the first time.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg of the special deals Quebec’s citizens and enterprises receive from the government and people of Canada, including multi billion dollar subsidies to the aerospace industry. The latest suggestion is for a half billion dollar hockey rink in Quebec City out of public funds.


I understand your AGM this year is in Quebec, so I do wish you great success and if I might be so bold I would suggest that you keep your head up!
It's also the same Himself who, not long before His Ottawa speech, slurred the infamous slur:

If we could only keep the Quebec lovers quiet, Mr. Speaker, it would be nice.
It is refreshing, however, to see His born-again beliefs, the veritable zeal of the converted, in expounding on the immorality of inflammatory rhetoric that does nothing to help, that actually brings out the worst elements in society as a result of it; rhetoric that there's no need for, that's gonna inflame the situation, and that's gonna feed into the vitriolic atmosphere of politics that has now creeped into the province.

After all, Dear Leader, you wouldn't want that to get worse, now, would you?

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