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Friday, November 12, 2010

All just a little bitta history repeating (V)

Another blast from the fading past:
I have never heard of a party leader in any country, outside countries ruled by dictators, who applied so much pressure to get all the members on one side. Premier Smallwood's strategy was applied to do exactly this. His idea in reducing the number of issues in the election to one — "how badly Mr. Diefenbaker's government has treated us over Term 29, therefore vote Liberal" — was clear because most people wished to see Newfoundland get more money. J.R. Smallwood was easily the greatest propagandist in Newfoundland, and he stressed how wicked Mr. Diefenbaker, myself, and Jim McGrath and the rst of the P.C. members in the House of Commons were. He called me "the greatest traitor of them all."


In my opinion, Mr. Smallwood's idea was, as one of the N.D.P. candidates said, to get people to forget all about his mistakes, especially in regard to his new industrial policy...
– William J. Browne, “And now... Eighty-seven years a Newfoundlander”. St. John's: Dicks, 1981, pp. 292.

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