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Monday, November 08, 2010

All just a little bitta history repeating (IV)

Another blast from the fading past:
When the Premier was asked when it was decided to give free tuition to all students at the University and to grant special salaries to the students, he said that it had been made the previous year but that the decision tom implement these plans was made only a short time ago...

When asked if the University authorities had been consulted, the Premier replied:
“No. The University was not consulted in this matter. We are the ones to decide how to spend the people's money.”
Such arrogance in the House of Assembly and to the administration of the University showed the dictatorial mentality of the Premier.
– William J. Browne, “And now... Eighty-seven years a Newfoundlander”. St. John's: Dicks, 1981, pp. 442-3.

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