"We can't allow things that are inaccurate to stand." — The Word of Our Dan, February 19, 2008.

Saturday, November 06, 2010


Another strange statement, from among many, during Our Dear Unscripted Comments before people who got $500 worth of unplanned entertainment on Thursday evening:

You don't see the Quebec media eating each other up. When Quebec is doing well, or Quebec is getting something from the federal government or getting something from the country, no, sir, you don't see it happen.
All of which might seem perfectly true to anyone who has never watched a French-language political affairs show in Quebec, listened to a French-language news or current-affairs program in Quebec, or read any of the several French-language papers in Quebec. The French lesson on September 24th couldn't have taken.

Heck, for that matter, it's even true if you include the English-language Quebec political press. Maybe even especially true.

But hey, you don't see it happen if you don't bother opening your eyes. No, sir.

The problem with the under-resourced, and often much too-pliant local media in Dannystan, at least in the eyes of Danny and the Danfans, is not that they are too critical of Him.

It's that they are ever critical at all.

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