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Monday, November 01, 2010

Deputy Henchperson

One interesting sidelight on the Penis Affair. Minister of — what the devil is he Minister of, anyway? — Minister of Something, Shawn Skinner, told Randy Simms of VOCM on Monday:
I removed her because of the fact that I found out, yesterday afternoon, late in the afternoon, that she had posted something that I found to be very offensive and very insulting, and totally inappropriate, onto her Facebook site, related to the Premier, and when I found that out, I felt that she should be removed from the Rural Secretariat. Her term had expired anyway, and I'm reviewing all the positions anyway, but I did remove her based upon that posting.
That's a lot of first-person-singular pronouns there. Which means the remover's account of events doesn't quite square with that of the removee:
On Sunday evening, while trick or treaters were knocking at the door, Ghent received a call from Bruce Gilbert, a Deputy Minister with the Department of Innovation, Trade and Rural Development, to let her know that she was off the secretariat, effective immediately.


Gilbert said to me, ‘Is there anything you may have done?’ And I knew then that he was giving me a hint. I said, ‘Aha – you’re talking Facebook.’ He said, ‘Well, you’re not on my Facebook.’ And I said, ‘You’re telling me that something I put on Facebook has made this an urgent matter.’ He asked what I had put on there and I told him. He said ‘I... Don’t… Know...’ And the way it was said, made me go ‘That’s what it is!’”



At 11:16 PM, November 01, 2010 , Blogger Peter said...

Another red herring. What about the elephants? Talk about the elephants, Wally! Now there are two of them in the room.

At 11:28 PM, November 01, 2010 , Blogger WJM said...

What elephant? I don't see any elephants, let alone a mating pair.

At 12:15 AM, November 02, 2010 , Blogger Mark said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 12:16 AM, November 02, 2010 , Blogger Mark said...

Address which elephant? Is it the one with the short trunk?


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