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Thursday, October 28, 2010


The ward-by-ward results of the Ottawa mayoral election, cleverly colour-coded. (The rural wards are cropped at the edges on this map, which zooms in on the urban and suburban wards.)

Former mayor of the pre-amalgamation City of Ottawa and former Ontario Liberal cabinet Minister Jim Watson won a majority (dark red) or plurality (light red) in all but three rural-exurban wards. Watson did better in the east (more-francophone, more-public-sector) than in the west (less-francophone, more-private-sector).

Incumbent Larry O'Brien squeaked out narrow pluralities in the three southern and western rural-exurban areas. Ward 6, home of the West March Senators, was the only other where O'Brien polled more than 30% of the vote.

Watson's margin was reduced to a plurality in city-centre Wards 15 and 17, the latter being third-place mayoral candidate Clive Doucet's old home ward, which, at 33.5%, was his strongest ward, but which he still didnt' carry. Wards 17, 14, and 12, all central areas, many with heavily gentrified or gentrifying neighbourhoods, were the only ones where Doucet took more than 20% of the vote.

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