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Friday, October 29, 2010

What it's really about (I)

A fascinating glimpse into the entirely sane and rational mind of the Premier, via his comments to the press on Thursday:

“From my personal perspective, it became quite obvious to us late last week or earlier in the week that Mr. Westcott had indicated that he was going to be directing the communications, he was going to be actively involved in policy for the Liberal party and his own personal agenda was against me, personally, and that’s been ongoing for some time, so that wasn’t new news to me,” he said. “But I did feel it was important that the people of the province know who they’re dealing with and what they’re dealing with when this man is now an integral part of the official opposition in this province.
There's the nub of the issue. Or one of them.

Westcott would be an opposition who — contrary to a number of people who have moved in notionally-opposition, notionally-Liberal or -NDP circles in recent years — actually opposes Danny Williams and wants to work towards his defeat.

Imagine that, if, after eight years, you even can. Imagine that!

After eight years of notional "opposition" who have tried to be Danny Williams, co-opting so much of his jingoistic rhetoric and policy without a second thought, or notional oppositions who have openly and unquestioningly supported Danny Williams, on matters like the Abitibi expropriation, equity stakes, or opposition office resources, the possibility, however remote, that there might be an opposition who will oppose, is almost too much to bear.


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