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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pulled off

In her intro to Our Dear Resignation this morning, CBC’s Chris O’Neill-Yates made the following strange claim about Our Dear Terms Sheet announced a week before:
What no other Premier has been able to pull off, he pulled off.
C O’N-Y, Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth.™ It's bad enough when Danny himself ran around claiming superlatives that didn't rightfully belong to him, but come on, now.

They pretty well all “pull off” some supposed magic on the Lower Churchill, and then leave.

As the Canadian Press reported on March 2, 1979:
The Newfoundland government has started a major stufy for development of the province's 110,000-square-mile mainland territory (Labrador), Premier Frank Moores said yesterday.

Moores, in what he said was his last big announcement before quitting as Premier after the March 16-17 Progressive Conservative leadership convention, said an important aim is to rid the province of its dependence on Quebec for marketing hydroelectric production.


Moores said engineering work should be finished this year for the highway to run from Goose Bay to Wabush near the Quebec border.

He predicted work would start by the spring of 1980 on what likely will be a four or five-year job. Negotiations with Ottawa on cost-sharing arrangements have yet to begin.
And as Duncan McMonagle reported for the Globe and Mail, on June 15, 1988:
Quebec and Newfoundland have reached an agreement on three joint hydro developments that could end their 12-year dispute over hydroelectric power, Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford says.

The two provinces wil shortly begin to discuss three new hydro developments that could counteract the economic loss suffered by Newfoundland from the controversial Churchill Falls pact, he said...

Mr. Peckford and Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa told reporters that they hope this is the way to end their battle...

The discussions will begin this summer [Bourassa] said.


Mr. Peckford would like to step down fairly soon, but he wants to be able to say in doing so that he ended one of his province's most embarassing defeats.

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