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Monday, November 22, 2010

Winner and new champion

The VOCM Question of the Day for November 19, 2010, "Do you like the Lower Churchill deal?", finally weighed in at 67,559 "votes".

It bumped the QotD for February 6, 2009, "Do you think the nurses should have accepted government's invitation to go back to the bargaining table?", 59,365, for all-time goosingest VOCM online poll.

Only two others have ever topped 50,000: "Do you think radio call-in shows like VOCM Open Line influenced Government's handling of the breast cancer testing scandal?" (May 13, 2008, 53,664* votes) and "Do you think Danny Williams owes an apology to breast cancer patients and their families for his recent comments on the Cameron Inquiry?" (May 14, 2008, 51,772 votes).

The former has an asterisk next to it, having been the subject of a fascinating experiment by Geoff Meeker which, ahem, distorted the results.



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