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Thursday, November 18, 2010

By the clicking of their thumbs (II)

Another installment of an irregular series on what the Spontaneous Thumbs-Down Brigade are rather conspicuously disagreeing with, over on another bit of Big Announcement coverage on the CBC web site.

Total number of down-thumbs, as of this hour, in brackets:
Sad news...The Muskrat Falls are so wild, pure, and majestic. I guess no body cares because they are so out of the way. [161]

One more natural waterway area dammed and destroyed. There are very few left on the planet; it is a shame to see this happenning in even the farthest remote areas of Canada. [158]

more DEVASTATION of the land by Dirty Power! [166]

Headline should read - "Labrador Deal Worth $6B, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia benefits, Labrador People Nothing." [81]

The lack of political and economic sophistication is such in Newfoundland that the media would cheer and voters dance in the streets if Dictator Danny announced today that he had signed an agreement to plug a 1500 km long extension cord into his office wall socket which would be laid from St. John's to Halifax. [132]

THERE IS NO WAY that you can produce electricity at $0.10 cts/kwh and sell it for less. It is going to be VERY expensive power with nowhere to go. A 6.2 b$ white elephant. [167]

But no money for medical specialists? [127]

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