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Thursday, November 18, 2010

By the clicking of their thumbs

Within minutes of publishing its scoop yesterday on the latest in a long series of Announcements That Will Blow Your Minds, CBC's web version of the story was flooded both with comments, and with large numbers of up- and down-thumbs on those comments.

It is probably probative of something that, as of approximately 7:00 a.m. on Thursday morning, the most-thumbs-downed comments are the following [thumbs-down vote in brackets]:

Best news boatguy? Let's see the details first - people thought that the original Churchill Falls deal was great news too. How quickly we forget. [106]

I hope all the Innu People from SHESHATSHIU to benifit this deal. This land is about to destroyed, this is their land and hunting grounds... [96]

boatguy this isn't green technology, once the huge reservoir is created, mercury levels rise in the water and fish/animals/people who have to use it, and not to mention the loss of animal habitat. I also find it funny how we have billions of dollars for a project such as this, and they can't find more money for the doctors. [105]

Danny Williams, October 2003: “We will not develop the Lower Churchill unless the primary beneficiaries are Labradorians. You have my assurance on that.” So much for his "assurance". Emera, take note. [118]

The issue with this will not be in the political announcement, (two premiers for a private sector purchase?) but in the details. Who is responsible for construction risk? Who is guaranteeing the financing? This has the smell of a political deal, not a business one. We cannot afford to spend oil dollars to give Mr. Williams a vanity project.
ps When will the link to NS be registered for environmental purposes? [90]

This means your power bill will go up to pay for construction, enjoy :) [116]

Danny Williams wants to make a deal for selling want he does'nt own...Williams needs to sit down with the Metis and the INNU if he wants to make a deal on this river.....otherwise it will never happen, the people will not allow it !!!! Our Labardor [120]

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