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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The Atlantic Provinces Economic Council has just released a document entitled, Outlook 2011 Conference Report: Are We More Powerful Together?

If it wasn’t already obvious, by page five you’ll have a sense of how clueless APEC is about anything in the more than 50% of Atlantic Canada’s landmass that lies north of the Strait of Belle Isle:
[Ed] Martin updated the status of key elements in the Lower Churchill’s development, highlighting the project’s advances in several areas including: environmental and water management planning; preparations to award key engineering contracts; and negotiations with the Inuit people of Labrador.

With only six offshore oil wells drilled prior to 2010, Phil Tracy emphasized the sparseness of exploration off Greenland and Cairn’s first mover advantages to being early into the area. Cairn has completed its first season of drilling off Greenland, where key concerns were the managing of the project’s safety, regulatory compliance and a thorough oil-spill response plan. Challenges presented by the project’s location off Greenland included the management of icebergs and logistics complicated by the necessity of moving personnel primarily by plane and helicopter, due to the absence of roads. Tracy said that there was a fair amount of public scrutiny of the company’s activity off Greenland, particularly in relation to the environmental impact and from concerns expressed by the indigenous Innu population.


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