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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The justification (II)

From VOCM's December 7th Question of the Day (some emphasis added):

What Now Said: It's a phrase......get on with something important!

Gr Said: what,s the big deal xmas card

Trt Said: People need to get a life here in newfoundland it is only a Christmas card.

Rr Said: not a thing wrong with it...

Frank Said: Rock on Danny! Some people can't see the light side of anything

Patti Said: I voted No. Maybe "Lest we Forget" in this instance means Danny telling us "Don't forget what Canada did to us over the years that I fought so hard to undo, and continue the good fight."

Get over it! Said: My goodness people..GROW UP! Every day you guys manage to find something foolish to complain about. It's a Christmas card for god sakes!

Danny Fanny Said: i agree, we shouldn't forget. neither what our veterans did on all our behalves nor what Mr. Williams a.k.a. Danny has done for this province. he's made sacrifices for us as well. Gonna miss you Mr. Premier. Best of luck in the future.

Merv Said: for crying out loud its only a card ,,,,get a life ....ty

Jimmy Said: Get over it.I will never forget Danny and what he done.I hope nobody else does either.looks good.

Jane Doe Said: Thank God for Google. The phrase Lest we Forget comes from the poem Recessional by Rudyard Kipling. It was written for a queen and expresses pride in the British Empire but then expresses an underlying sadness that the Empire might go the way of all previous empires. (Sound like Nfld. and Labrador?) Only in later years was the phrase linked with Remembrance Day and found on war memorials. Lest we forget is NOT exclusive to war vets. So Danny did nothing wrong and has nothing to apologize for.

John Smith Said: Only a moron, and I mean a true moron would associate this photo with the War memorial. I have seen many phtos with this in the background, it's the lobby of confederation Bldg. for god's sake! Where should a pic have been taken. lorraine was always at the bottom with me, and now she has slipped lower than that.

SheldonTwo Said: It's not copyrighted so I find no problem with it. It's a phrase used normally by people on Rememberance Day but it doesn't mean that it should ONLY be used for that day. A lot of people associate it with that day but that doesn't make what Danny did wrong

Enough is Enough Said: PEOPLE, what the hell is wrong with you???? This man has done a wonderful job in the past 7 years as Premier. No one else could even come close to filling his boots. "LEAST WE FORGET" Lets not forget what he has done for our province. Thank you Mr. Williams, you will be greatly missed and never forgotten...

RDM Said: The words are just backdrop from the Confederation Buidling Lobby…get over yourselves!! It's Christmas.

Themove Said: Lorraine Michaels is being childish about this. WHO CARES? It's just a Christmas card.

Just a thought... Said: I can't believe the comments on here, its crazy. Its a card for heavens sake, a Christmas and Fairwell card from the Premier. Who cares whats in the back ground, no matter what was there, someone is going to have a bad remark about it.
Lest we forget Said: "Lest we forget" anyone who done any good for us or made us stronger & better people....Danny William, you are certainly one of those people!!!

ML in NL Said:

Honestly and truly!
I can't believe I even read this in the news!!!
Lady, shut up, it's a picture.
Find other ways to occupy your time.

Claire Said: I think this is a bit extreme. Yes, we use the phrase during Rememberance Day, however, it's not something we can only say on that occasion. The fact that it's in the background is arbitrary and it shouldn't matter one way or the other. Your point is moot Lorraine so move on. A Christmas card is a Christmas card so who cares.

David Locke Said: I think Danny just wants the people of NF and Lab to remember what they have accomplished in the past ten years. Danny has to be the best primer that NF and Lab has ever had and just what can be accomplished when the priorities are kept in focuse.

Stephen NL Said: Theres nothing wrong with his christmas card! He was an excellent premier and has done amazing things for our province! As far as im concerned he can put whatever he wants on his card.....besides it was certainly a memorable moment for me

Ashley Phillips Said: It's only 3 words. I think the way Danny pulled Newfoundland out of the hole is well enough to remember. The other MHA's should take a page out of Danny's playbook and not forget.

Steve Said: Oh friggin' boo hoo, he happened to be standing in a location in the confederation building that happened to have those words as the background, I wish all the whiners would get over themselves. All the blustering is mainly being done by the loud mouthed Danny-bashers and gossip mongers who should STFU and get a life.



At 1:33 PM, December 12, 2010 , Blogger Unknown said...

"Such is the human race, often it seems a pity that Noah... didn't miss the boat". ~Mark Twain


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