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Friday, December 03, 2010

Unintended consequences

One of the happier results of Our Dear Departure from politics today, still pink and warm, is that the O'Brien Protocol, formulated for the other possibility, now won't have to be implemented.

From the "debates" of the House of Assembly on December 14th last year:
So you have to get to each one of the doors. You have to do that, and you have to talk to people when you are out. I do it myself in regard to when I am out to the grocery stores and whatnot, and I try to remind them, because God forbid, if we lose the leadership that we have right now, that is certainly the envy of all of Canada, as I have travelled within the country itself, I have heard time and time again: God, we wish we had a Premier like yours. So God forbid that we would lose him as a leader at this particular time. I will say this, that some point in time, I suppose a lot of people expect that we will lose him, but my idea of it all is that we should mummify him and keep him in the seat and do not let anybody know in Newfoundland and Labrador that he is dead. I think under just having him here, we will do much better than if we had somebody else in that chair. So I will say that there as well. I have said that, actually, publicly at times. I say it with some type of jest, because I am not sure if he would want to be mummified and put in that chair, but in the meantime, I would like to have him there myself, because I have all the admiration in the world.



At 8:35 AM, December 03, 2010 , Blogger Ursula said...

Oh , oh please , Dear Santa ;

All I want for Christmas is :

A Wax Figurine ,a bobble head doll,
some fridge magnets ,a pair of his used socks ,a lock of his grey hair ,and to have a recording of him telling us , how much he loves all of us ..

I want all of the above in the likeness of Danny .

Hey ,does that love extend to Grimes and the other Danny ?

If I have forgotten anything ,will you please bring them with you .

I would really like to have the MAN himself ,but , I can't be too greedy , as I am sure there are many , who need him more than me .

I have been a good girl all year .

I can only hope that I am "DESERVING" of whatever Danny can spare .


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