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Monday, March 28, 2011

Sin of omission

An exchange from Monday’s Question Period in the Bow-Wow Parliament:
MS JONES: The government is dodging the question. They do not want to explain to the people of this Province why they have done a deal that is going to cost them twice as much for electricity in Newfoundland and Labrador than what it is going to cost to the people of Nova Scotia. Mr. Speaker, Nalcor and SNC-Lavalin announced last week that they finalized a contract to design and build the Muskrat Falls power station. Now that the contract is finalized, I ask the Premier today: Will you release the details of the agreement or are you going to continue to keep the information secret from the people of the Province? MR. SKINNER: Mr. Speaker, this government has been very open in terms of the information that is made available through the Lower Churchill project. There is information available on the Natural Resources website, there is information available that we filed with the Public Utilities Board, there is information available through the environmental hearings that are going on up in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. There is all kinds of information that the Premier has tabled, not once but twice here on the floor of the House of Assembly. There is all kinds of information that we have put out there, Mr. Speaker. We are certainly not a secretive government.
Ah yes. The Natural Resources website. The website where they have openly posted all kinds of “information” about the terms sheet signed with Emera… except for the terms sheet itself. Which, however, the intellectually adventurous can read, and even download, over here. You’re welcome.

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