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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Shawn Skinnew's feewings awe huwt:
MR. SKINNER: We make no apologies on this side of the House for doing good government business, I tell you that. Now, if the members opposite want to continue to get up and be nasty – that is what I will call it, being nasty – talk about what is going on in outside circles, party business; if that is where they are going, they are not going to go very far. The House of Assembly should really be about doing the people’s business. When you bring in partisan politics to people’s business, I think you are a little bit off-track – I think you are a little bit off-track.

I will not go any further with that because I do not want to go down that track myself. I just want to make the point; I just want to advise the members opposite of where their focus should be. I would have thought after having a whole winter to think about what they wanted to come into the House and speak about, the last thing they would have been coming in to talk about would have been petty partisan politics, but obviously that is where they are. We will leave it at that – we will leave it at that.

It sure is a good thing that Shawn Skinner's outfit have never, ever, ever, been partisan, in a nasty, petty, or any other way, in the House of Assembly

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