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Friday, May 20, 2011

In which Dave Denine (of all people) nails it

Meanwhile, in a stunning development, Minister of Something Dave Denine actually gets it right on the imaginary Labrador boundary dispute:
Denine added the Labrador boundary established in 1927 was incorporated into the terms of union when this province entered Confederation in 1949.

“We go by that. There’s no change in our boundary,” he said. “Even Quebec’s own Dorion Commission in 1971 confirmed that.”
On the other hand, it's a rather depressing commentary on the state of the local media that the tin-foil hattery imaginary boundary dispute, and not the linking of Labrador and Newfoundland to the rest of Canada via two new or significantly improved surface transportation routes, which has huge economic implications, is their takeaway story out of Quebec's Plan nord.

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