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Monday, July 25, 2011

On timing

The Telegram hands out a snide "cheer":

Cheers: to elections and absolutely unrelated provincial funding announcements. The week’s total? Thirty press releases either announcing provincial government funding or announcing the announcement of funding last week, and that was by mid-afternoon on Friday. The announcements were made by a variety of touring cabinet ministers and MHAs. One of the announcements? Money for a Bay Bulls offshore site, and Business Minister Derrick Dalley says the timing of the announcement is mere happenstance: “This is not about an election. We’ve been working on this project for some time. My staff at the Department of Business, we have several applications before us, coming at different times of the year. We do due diligence, a very thorough process, as we work through these projects, and it just happens we’re at a stage where we got our work completed, and now’s a good time to get this out the door.” Good to know. Expect more completely-unrelated-to-the-election announcements in the upcoming weeks, spontaneously increasing as we approach the completely unrelated date of Oct. 11.
One would hope that the completely-unrelated-to-the-election announcements will cease well before October 11 — that is, before the writ drops.



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