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Monday, May 21, 2012

Woe, Canada

VOCM's annual Questioning-of-the-Canada-Day came early this year:
July 4, 2005: Do you celebrate Canada Day?
July 4, 2006: Did you take part in any Canada Day activities over the weekend?
July 2, 2007: Do you plan to take part in Canada Day celebrations this weekend?
July 2, 2008: Do you celebrate Canada Day?
July 2, 2009: Did you celebrate Canada Day?
July 1, 2010: Are you planning any special celebrations for Memorial Day/Canada Day?
June 28, 2011: Do you plan to celebrate Canada Day this year?
May 21, 2012: Do you think the province and local MP's should boycott Canada Day this year as a protest of all the federal cuts by the Harper government.



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