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Friday, August 17, 2012

Seven of nine

Since the Government Formerly Known As Provincial revived the Cult of Personality as a standard communications tool in July, nine releases have issued forth containing that immortal phrase, "Dunderdale Government".

Of those nine, seven have come from the Department of Municipal Affairs. Which is kinda strange. During the entire WilliamsGovernment era, a grand total of 16, out of nearly 600 "Williams Government" releases, originated at Municipal Affairs.


Sorted another way, however... the DComms who were by far and away most likely to be the lead contact on a "Williams Government" release were David Salter (85 releases), long-time flunky at the Williamsgovernmentiest department of all, Dansportation and Williams; Jacquelyn Howard (58); Elizabeth Matthews (52); and... Tansy Mundon, at 47 WilliamsGovernments to her score.

Jacquelyn Howard is now Director of Strategic Communications, Planning and Priorities.

And Tansy Mundon, whose WilliamsGovernment-fluffing career was mostly at Health, is now chief media fluffer at... Municipal Affairs.

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