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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Summer of DunderLove

In May, the official DunderGov newswire carried 10 funding announcement press releases lauding a cumulative total of over $23-million in spending.

In June, the total was 19 releases and $21.3-million.

In July? Sixty-six releases for a total of just under $50-million.
And yes, if you do the math, that means more and more announcing of less and less: the average funding announcement in May was for $2.3-million, $1.1-million in June... and $711,000 in July. The departmental and agency "announceables" barrel has been scraped almost bare. (Except, of course, over in Transportation and Works, where, in the name of openness and transparency, they haven't released dollar amounts for PRIP projects since 2008.)

Going back to 2003, only last year — an election year — saw more money releases (75) during July than this July has.

This has nothing, of course, to do with recent polls, nor with the fact that CRA will soon be in the field.

Nothing could be further from the truth.



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