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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


This afternoon's Aqua satellite image (false-colour rendering) shows old fires flaring up, and new ones breaking out, across Labrador and neighbouring Quebec. (Click to enlarge.)

The head of Lake Melville is visible at upper right. Active fires are false-coloured reddish-orange, with smoke plumes a steely blue. Brighter cyan-blue hues are clouds.

Roughly clockwise from top, there were or are active burns today in the Seal Lake area, the headwaters of Goose River, Gull Island (which resulted in the closure of the Trans-Labrador Highway), the Mecatina headwaters, the Natashquan River watershed (probably responsible for much of the smoke today), the Atikonak Lake area, and Shabogomo Lake and neighbouring parts of Quebec and western Labrador, as well as others scattered elsewhere, but obscured (and subdued) by cloudy weather.


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