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Monday, July 29, 2013


The Labrador Interpretation Centre is now a seasonal operation. The Labradorian reports on a move that is oddly yet not to be found on the So Very Open provincial government's newswire:
For the first time in its operating history, the Labrador Interpretation Centre in North West River will be closing up shop come October.

The Centre will be closing for the winter season and re-opening in the spring.

Terry French, Minister of Dept of Tourism, Culture and Recreation, said this closure will bring the LIC in line with the other three regional museums in the province.
French went further, justifying the new seasonal schedule on the basis of a drop in visitation:
"In 2012, the centre experienced a reduction of 30% in visitation over 2011. Although the centre recorded slightly more than 600 visits during the past winter season, the Provincial Government recognizes the importance of this facility to the visiting public and local residents. The new hours will still allow for local schools and youth groups to engage in educational tours of the centre."
And why might the LIC have seen such a drop in 2012, compared to 2011?

Surely it had nothing to do with its main exhibits having been sent to storage during the height of the 2012 tourist season.


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