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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Play by play

With the full district-by-district Liberal leadership numbers now out, you can do fun things like this. (Click any map to enlarge it.)

First Count

Ball carried 28 districts on the first count, evenly divided between getting a majority of the vote and a plurality. Antle carried fifteen, and Cathy Bennett five, both with pluralities. Neither Dumaresque nor Jim Bennett carried any. Ball took a plurality of the vote in J. Bennett's own, and strongest district, St. Barbe, where J. Bennett was only able to muster 22.08 points. Dumaresque's strongest showing was 27.02 points in his native Cartwright–L'Anse au Clair.

Second Count

As to be expected with so few re-allocations up for grabs, the second count made little difference to the big picture. St. Barbe turned into a Ball majority, Trinity–Bay de Verde into an Antle majority, and St. John's North flipped from the Antle to the Ball column.

Third Count

With Cathy Bennett eliminated, and only two candidates remaining, every district became either a Ball or Antle majority. (There were no ties.) Bennett's re-allocations put Antle back on top in St. John's North, and also turned Cape St. Francis and Mount Pearl South into his column. Bennett's second choice votes gave Ball majorities in Terra Nova, Isles of Notre Dame, and Virginia Waters.

[Updated to correct colour key in third map.]



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