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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Steve Kent, Reformer

Having been a proud member of a governing caucus that has brought an already dismal legislature to new lows, but now enjoying the clarity that comes with facing electoral oblivion in the morning, PC leadership candidate Steve Kent is now musing about vaguely-specified "reforms" to the House of Assembly, including Question Period.

(There's also a delicious promise to institute a functional committee system — the same idea that PC winged monkeys ridiculed without mercy when an opposition party had the temerity to propose such a foreign concept.)

It's not too hard to figure out how the Tory mind works. Former Premier frothed about the very existence of Access to Information, and lo and behold, a sham "review" of the Access to Information Act later, there was Bill 29.

And what seems to have young Mr. Kent, Reformer, inclined to believe Question Period needs "reform"?

It would appear to be the fact that the nefarious opposition can ask more than one question about a Thing:

MR. KENT: It is a simple question and I will give him a very simple answer, as I just did previously, if he was paying attention. (November 18, 2013)

MR. KENT: Mr. Speaker, it should not come as any surprise to anybody in this House that we are only a few days into a new session of the House of Assembly and the Liberals are already recycling questions.
I answered the member's question last week related to that request for information about marketing and advertising.  (March 20, 2014)

MR. KENT: Mr. Speaker, it is rather unfortunate that we have only been in the House a couple of weeks and I think this is the third, if not the fourth, time that the member opposite has asked me the same question. (March 25, 2014)

MR. KENT: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. They are clearly not interested in listening, which is not much surprise. They were not interested in the answers to the first questions this afternoon; they are not interested in these ones either. (ibid.)

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