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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Seven years later, seven years-thirty in Newfoundland

In 2007, Glorious Leader released Our Dear Energy Plan, which — after calling for the development of the Lower Churchill, starting with the sanctioning of Gull Island in 2009, to be in service in 2015 — made the following pledges:
A number of other technologies, including gas cogeneration (using natural gas from offshore or, on a smaller scale, methane recovered from landfills), cogeneration, biomass (wood), peat, tidal, small-scale wind, solar power and micro-hydro, might be able to contribute to our electrical supply. Some of these, notably cogeneration, are mature alternatives. Others are still in the developmental stages. Long-term business cases are required to support their use and they are highly sensitive to the sale price of the electricity. Together, they offer the potential to supplement our renewable electricity portfolio.

Some homeowners and small business operators have requested permission to install small generation units to produce power for themselves with the ability to feed some back into the system when they can produce more than they need. The Provincial Government will ensure that regulatory support is in place for customers who wish to develop these alternatives themselves on a small scale, through a net metering policy. NLH and Newfoundland Power have told Government they will make a joint proposal to the PUB to implement net metering for small-scale renewable energy sources, with due regard for safety, the environment and the community.
Only seven years later, the Williams Dunderdale Marshall Coleman Marshall Whoever Government is finally thinking about maybe following through.



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