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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Such debate / many legislation / amaze!

No sooner was the Bow-Wow Parliament back in session for the fall, than a government minister was whining that the opposition were actually trying to do their job.

Here's Susan Sullivan, for the record:
MS SULLIVAN: ...For right now, of course we know that we are looking at Bill 25, An Act To Amend The Elections Act Of 1991.
A little surprising to me some of the commentary that I am hearing regarding what seems to me to be a housekeeping item that we should be able to move through fairly quickly, particularly given the fact that the three parties – as the Leader of the Third Party just said here in the House – have already met around this, they have already agreed to this amendment and they understand that we simply need to move forward and get it done.
It is a little surprising to me that we need to have this much debate in the House of Assembly regarding this particular act. We are simply about correcting a human error, Mr. Speaker, that which can happen any time to any one at any place.

A human error. Just like that time Danny Williams expropriated a polluted, shuttered paper mill.


And for the record: the governing PC caucus put up seven speakers on Bill 25, speaking 6761 words as recorded in Hansard, for 36% of the debate.

The Liberals? Six.



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